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:高考英语写作指导 人物介绍和发言稿(打印版)

高考写作指导 (人物介绍)


1.性别与婚姻(Sex & Marriage)

I’m a man of forty and haveShe got married in 1980 and now she has been married for more than 20 years. I’ m 35 ,male and unmarried.

I got married five years ago but now I’m single. 2.年龄(Age)

He was born in 1995 and is eight years old now.

1985, he is now an 18-year-old student, in a university. He began to make a living at the age of 14/at an early age. In his fifties, he began to feel his age .

By the age of 14, he had set up a chemistry lab of his own. 3.外貌特征(Appearance)


She is a lovely girl, 他又瘦又高戴着一副深度近视镜.

He is thin, tall and wearing a pair of thick glasses.


He is a good-looking/funny-looking man, 他是一个高个子男人,有着蓝眼睛黄头发. He is a tall man, with blue eyes and blond hair.

(deep-set eyes 深陷的双眼,big bright eyes,a high straight nose,brown curling hair, broad shoulders)

4.身高(名词:height) He is 1.76 meters tall. He is 176 cm tall.

He is 176 cm in height.


The boy is not tall enough to reach the apple overhead. He is really a tall man, about 1.98 meters in height. My height is 1.76 metres .(不合英语习惯)

I’m 1.76 meters high.(身高不宜用形容词high) 5.体重(动词:weigh 名词:weight ) She weighs 60 kilos. She is 60 kilos in weight

6.健康状况(名词:health 形容词healthy) 1)由于被照顾的很好,孩子们看上去很健康. Well looked after, the children look healthy. 2)我身体不强壮,但是很健康.

I’m not so strong, but (I’m) in good health.


Having been in hospital for six months, now she looks very weak. 7教育状况(Education)


I started school in 1984 and left school 12 years later.www.shanpow.com_英语介绍人物。

2>1984年我进入北京大学, 4年后毕业.

I went to study in Beijing University in 1984 and 4 years later I graduated (from that university).


We learned many courses, including…

4>我已经在天山小学上了2年多了, 下学期就毕业了.

I have been studying in Tianshan Primary School (No.1 Senior Middle/High School) for more than two years and will graduate next semester.


I got my bachelor’s (master’s, doctor’s) degree in mathematics in April 1998... 8.特长爱好(Specialty & Hobbies)


I’m good at spoken English and even better at using computers


I won the first prize in the English speech contest at school last year.


He got the first place in the homepage designing contest.


My favorite sport is swimming and playing table-tennis.


In my spare time, I like reading and enjoying traveling.

9. 详细特色(Something in detail) 举例法(Giving examples)

–He was strict with everybody and in everything he did. One day, we were having classes when…

–He was very forgetful. Once he came across an old friend of his in the street and ... –He had a strange way of making his classes lively and interesting. I still remember my first day as a chemistry student. 写作练习1:

你是李华,申请到一家外企工作.对方要求你用英语写一篇 短文, 介绍自己的基本情况.短文应该包括下表所列全部内容.

姓名: 李华 出生年月: 1977年2月 出生地: 辽宁大连 学历: 1984-1990 年光明小学


所学主要课程: 语文、 数学、 英语、物理、 化学、电脑 特长: 英语、电脑、(去年在全校电脑竞赛中获第一名) 业余爱好: 游泳、滑冰、集邮、流行音乐


My name is LiHua . I was born in Dalian, Liaoning province in February 1977. I I am very glad to introduce myself to you…… That’s all .Thank you. Dear friends,

(It is a great honor for me to speak here to welcome our guests…… ) started school in 1984 when I was seven. I studied in Guangming Primary School from 1984 to 1990. After that I went to No.62 Middle School of Dalian and graduated this summer.

The main subjects I studied at school included Chinese, English, physics, chemistry and computer. I like computer and English best and I am very good at them. Last year, I won first prizeenjoy listening to popular music and collecting stamps. My favorite sports are swimming in summer and skating in winter.www.shanpow.com_英语介绍人物。

写作练习2: 介绍英语老师

我们的英语老师李老师是我们的英语老师, 40岁左右 又高又瘦, 戴着一副深度近视眼镜她2000年来到我们学校,已经当了10多年的英语老师。她工作努力,多年来一直是模范教师。课后她对我们很友善,但课堂上却对我们要求很严。

她经常带鼓励我们多说多读英语,常常说“熟能生巧”。她课上得好,她的课上得很生动. 她常鼓励学,生思考,培养学生自学能力.她是我们的良师益友。我们都尊重和爱戴她。她将要去参加一个重要的会议,在会上她的先进事迹将受表彰。 参考答案:

Our English Teacher, Ms Li, is about 40 years old. She is tall and thin with a pair of

thick glasses on his nose. she came to our school in 2007. She has been an English teacher for more than 10 years. She works hard and has been a model teacher for many years. She is kind and friendly to us after class. But she is rather strict with us in class. She always encourages us to speak and read more English.

She often says,"Practice makes perfect." She is good at teaching and tries her best to make every lesson lively and interesting. She often encourages us to think hard and develop our ability to study on our own. She is not only our teacher but also our friend. We all respect and love her. Tomorrow she is going to attend an important meeting, at which she will be given a medal for her advanced deeds.

高考写作指导 英语发言稿(演讲稿)

二. 发言稿的写作技巧与方法指导

发言稿是生活中一种常见的应用文体,是参加会议的人为了在会议上表达自己的意见、看法、进行思想汇报或工作情况汇报而事先准备好的文稿。英文开幕词、闭幕词、欢迎词、欢送词、告别格式词和演讲稿是正式社交场合最常见的发言稿。 (1)格式;

发言稿一般由称呼语、正文和结束语三部分组成。 发言稿的开头和结尾一般有固定的格式。 例如:

Dear friends,

Today I am very glad to be here to share with you my ideas of…… That’s all .Thank you for listening。

如果面对的是熟悉的听众,开头和结尾也可以活泼些、灵活些 例如:

Good morning /Good afternoon,everyone…...That’s all .Thank you. Good evening! Ladies and gentlemen……That’s all .Thank you.

Hi,everyone,It is so nice to see all of you here……That’s all .Thank you for listening .



第二部分:说明理由。常用到的连接成分有:first of all,secondly,finally

第三部分:照应开头,总结全文。可以对全文作简明扼要的总结,也可以谈自己的感想、看法或期望。 常用到的句式有:In short?,In a word,I think,I expect等


你所在的班级将要举办一次主题为“What Can We Do for Our School?”的英语演讲比赛。请

写一篇英语演讲稿,要求从以下四方面中任选一至二个进行阐述,并举例加以说明。 1.关心他人; 2.美化校园;3.受护学校设施;4.营造良好的学习氛围。



2.词数:100左右;3.参考词汇:爱心love and care;校园campus; 设施facilities; 氛围environment 4.开头和结尾已经写好,且不记入词数。

Hello, everyone. It’s nice to speak about what we can do for our school, and I think each of us can do something.

Thank you for listening!

Hello, everyone. It’s nice to speak about what we can do for our school, and I think each of us can do something.

The first thing we can do is to make our campus more beautiful. Every one of us may plant a tree in the school, or organize a thorough cleaning on the campus. We can also form a good habit of putting the rubbish in the trashcan.

The second thing we can do is to protect the facilities in our school. When we leave the classroom, we should never forget to turn off the light or close the door. We should not leave the tap water running or waste any materials in the laboratory class. If everyone does one thing for our school, I believe we will turn our school into a better place to Study and live in. Thank you for listening!

:英文 人物Margaret Thatcher简介演讲稿

Margaret Thatcher

1、Early life and education

Margaret Thatcher was born in Grantham, in 1925. She spent her childhood in Grantham, where her father owned two grocery shops.

She accepted by Oxford in 1943 and graduated in 1947 with Second Class Honours in the four-year Chemistry Bachelor of Science degree.

Four years after graduation, she married Denis Thatcher, a successful and wealthy divorced businessman, and Denis funded his wife's studies for the bar.www.shanpow.com_英语演讲稿介绍人物。

2、Prime Minister (1979–1990)

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher became prime minister after winning the general election.

Arriving at 10 Downing Street, she said a famous word, Where there is discord, may we bring harmony. Where there is error, may we bring truth. Where there is doubt, may we bring faith. And where there is despair, may we bring hope.

In1990, she resigned from the post of prime minister due to policy differences, saying that leaving the Commons would allow her more freedom to speak her mind.

3、Social Influences

Margaret Thatcher is the longest-serving British prime minister of the 20th century, and the only woman ever to have held the post.

As prime minister, she implemented conservative policies that have come to be known as Thatcherism. A Soviet journalist nicknamed her the "Iron Lady".

In 2007, Thatcher became the first living UK Prime Minister to be honoured with a statue in the Houses of Parliament.




  Good morning !

  It is really my honor to have this opportunity for a interview,

  I am 26 years old,born in shandong province .

  I was graduated from qingdao university. my major is electronic.and i got my bachelor degree after my graduation in the year of 2007.

  I spend most of my time on study,i have passed CET4/6 . and i have acquired basic knowledge of my major during my school time.

  In August 2007,I left QingDao to BeiJing and worked for a foreign enterprise as a automation software test engineer.Because I want to change my working environment, I'd like to find a job which is more challenging. Morover Motorola is a global company, so I feel I can gain the most from working in this kind of company ennvironment. That is the reason why I come here to compete for this position.

  I think I'm a good team player and I'm a person of great honesty to others. Also I am able to work under great pressure.

  That’s all. Thank you for giving me the chance.




  I believe the employer should serve employees not only by giving salaries, but also by providing opportunities for them to enjoy their life. In that respect, Our company has a great deal to offer. We have more than thirty activity groups organized by workers for athletic and recreational purposes.

  Among these groups are the Tennis Club, Basketball Club, Popular Music Club, Company Orchestra, Aerobics Club, and so on. Our tennis team is one of the best in the Shanghai area, and currently maintains a winning streak in the east of china District Tournament. Also, our company orchestra was established two years ago, and the members practice twice a week under the instructions by one of Shanghai's best conductors. And for those of you who want to have a good sweat and slim down, we have an Aerobics Club. The club welcomes any body who wants to have a good work-out and slim down, male or female.




  Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen

  Now,I say hello to you ,to you all.Thank you for giving me a chance to show myselfe.Frist, Let me introduce myselfe.

  There is a girl ,whose nane is viky standing in front of you .I come from~ ~ uinversity

  As to my character ,I can not describe it well.I think I am a collection of contradictions.

  I like eating,but do not like cooking;

  I perfer English,but do not perfer to remember English words;

  I usually get up early,but always late at weekend;

  I think because of these contradictions ,my life become colourful.So,I hope you will like and support this contradicting girl,Thank you!


  hello,everybody! i’m very glad to be here.now i feel my heart beats very faster.it is a joke. let me make a deep breath for relax.my chinese name is chenyuheng,you can call me steven in english too. i came from yucai boarding school in wuhan.today,i wanna show my best to everyone.

  ok, now, do you want to know more about me?my favourite food is egg fried rice,because it is yummy,easy and healthful .i like it!my favourite colour is black,it is so mystery and cool! i have so many black t-shirt.my favourite movie is harry port.i feel the actor very handsome. i have so many hobbies.i like swimming very much.in summer,i can swimming in the pool with my friends.i feel i am a fish when i in the pool .i also like playing the computer games.if you like, you can join our team.

  this is me, a clever and energetic boy. i like making friends,too. so i have so many good friends, do you want to be my friends

  thank you,thank you give me a chance.

  thank you……all!


  distinguished judges, how are you! i'm xx, examinee xx, from xx.

  first of all, thank you very much, judges, gave me a chance to show themselves platforms, to realize my ideal. i am a cheerful, the hobby widespread girl. since i have a wish, after be brought up must do an excellent broadcast host, as time goes on, blossom, i also slowly growing up, and that desire is increasingly intense, like farmers with the same, to the broadcast management hoe this one job more fondness. i graduated from xxx university english the broadcast and the management art majors and is currently in the xxxx university studying xxxx degree. professional knowledge accumulation and multicultural experience gave me the character, in persorality study 12 years, i learn math teaching, and meanwhile continuously from the sea of knowledge is widely draw nutrition, to enrich himself, enhance their abilities, improve their understanding, so as to better grasp the future, to realize my ideal. as with the voice of lithe and graceful singer to express their feelings, just like dancer with lissom dance to interpret their own beliefs, and i will use my voice to deliver me to broadcast hosted chiai. i sincerely hope oneself can be a communication's messengers, build up a connection between china and the world, tv audience and bridges, let the communication more smooth, life is full of harmony,

  i know, the road of success, and not problem-free, although be full of thorns, but i also: the horns, marches forward courageously, clutching their dreams do not put, stubborn waiting, sincere expectation. and i hope to give me a chance, in higher, more sacred knowledge institution in further into the butterflies, and this cocoon into dance, close unlimitedly the broadcast management that copy of guanghua and glory. from what i have learnt, through my voice, to convey zhongyuan people open enthusiasm, let the world to hear the new century chinese voice and voice.

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